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We believe in two core principles: Sanitation for spaces and service for people. We aim to provide not only disinfection and sanitation but also care and hope for the people in these trying times. In line with this, we will be providing free disinfection services to one selected child care facility every day.

Child care centers have to be sanitized regularly because toys, mats and other high contact surfaces can be a breeding ground for germs. Children are often prone to infection because their immune system is not fully developed yet. Disinfecting Solution will see to it that the disinfection of daycares and play areas are safe and non-toxic.

We believe that our children are the hope for the future, we must protect them with all that we have.



Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services

Healthcare facilities are at the frontline against the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore need the utmost care and attention when it comes to sanitation to ensure safety among patients and hospital staff.


Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial enterprises remain open to serve amidst the outbreak and are also at the frontline of COVID-19. Disinfecting Solution LLC offers decontamination services to ensure safe distribution of goods and services.


Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial and manufacturing facilities often have a multitude of workers making them susceptible to coronavirus infection. Disinfecting Solution LLC aims to secure safe and sanitary conditions for employees and employers alike. Automotive Repair Manufacturing Plants / Factories Warehouses Construction Sites


Daycare and School Cleaning Services

Disinfecting Solution LLC offers our services to schools of all levels and child care facilities which require thorough decontamination at all times.We are dedicated to rebuild our communities and secure the future for those who need it most — our children.

  • Daycare Centers
  • Pre-schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Learning Centers
  • And More

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